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Boho Babe - CNS Gel Polish

Boho Babe - CNS Gel Polish

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Introducing Boho Babe Gel Color - a bold, vivid neon orange inspired by the free-spirited and artistic vibe of bohemian culture. 💅✨

Get ready for nails that are flawlessly fabulous. No more streaks or uneven coverage – just pure, polish perfection. Your nails are about to steal the show!

Wrinkles and shrinkage? Not in the CNS Gel Polish world! This gel polish is all about keeping it smooth and sleek. Your nails are in for a treat – they're about to be as smooth as your favorite smoothie!

But hold up, there's a twist! Our gels  – burst with perfection. Say hello to nails that are bold and beautiful, and a polish that is smooth and creamy. CNS Gel Polish is the secret sauce for nails that demand attention!

Cure Time & Application: Apply 2 thin coats of CNS Gel Polish, curing in between layers. And guess what? We know you're a busy babe, so our gels cure under LED in just 60 seconds. Yes, you heard it right – one minute and you're cured! Quick and easy! 💁‍♀️💅

15ml Size: This 15ml bottle packs a punch, giving you enough gel to last through 45+ applications.

"Box" Release Date: May 2024

Color Display: Our gel color has the color on the cap so you can easily identify your colors from a drawer or shelf!

Download MSDS Here

Instructions: Prep nails, apply a thin coat of CNS Hema Free Gel Polish Base, and let it cure under your favorite light (see cure times on bottle or above), apply CNS Gel Color in THIN coats, curing in between layers, and Top with CNS Hema Free Gel Polish Top for the best results!

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