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Nail Camp In Person Class Oct 10

Nail Camp In Person Class Oct 10

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 Keeping Profits In Your Pocket

In person workshop Nail Camp Oct 10 9-5

18 max

Amy Masters

Did your business turn a profit in 2023? Have you analyzed your figures and service costs? If your business isn’t profitable or you're unsure where to begin, we have the ideal workshop for you.

This workshop will help you get up to speed with the updated numbers for 2024. You'll learn how to keep your business profitable despite the significant increase in product costs over the past few years.

Do you know your table costs? Are you charging what you're worth? Do you have a budget for purchasing new products to keep up with trends? If you're unsure about any of these questions, our workshop is the perfect solution! Salon Owners Workshop: Keeping Profits In Your Pockets!

Are you struggling to keep your salon profitable? We can help! Our comprehensive workshop covers a range of topics aimed at optimizing your business. Here's a sneak peek of what you'll learn:

• Understanding Fixed Overhead Costs

• Pricing Strategies 

• Table costs & equipment expenses 

• Done for you comprehensive service breakdowns.

• Reality check

• Bulk Pricing: Is it worth it?

• Analyzing competitors' pricing

• New Salon Menu

• Creative marketing techniques 

By attending our workshop, you'll gain valuable insights to help you determine the cost and time required for each service and set precise prices. Our intensive workshop is essential for staying profitable and successful in today's ever-changing industry.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience newfound confidence and success in your salon business!

Class runs 5-6 hours.

Class Fee $150

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