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Nail Tabs

Nail Tabs

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Our Nail Tabs are a must-have for any press-on nail enthusiast. With a pack of 10 strips containing 24 tabs each, these flexible and super sticky adhesive tabs provide a secure hold for your press-on or full cover tips. Perfect for the weekend or get away holiday, these double sided tabs are also waterproof for long-lasting wear.


Expertly apply press-on nails with NAIL TABS. These adhesive tabs adhere securely for a long-lasting hold. Easily prep nails by pushing back cuticles, and selecting the best size for a custom fit. The straightforward application process guarantees a bubble-free finish.

Effortlessly remove artificial nails with NAIL TABS. Simply apply cuticle oil and carefully work back and forth, harmlessly preserving the natural nail. Save time and effort with this easy and effective solution.

Amy's ProTip: For longer wear lightly heat nail bed with blow dryer, apply tab, apply light to avoid burning,  heat again and then apply tip. 

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